Community Planning Focused on the Transportation Element

Community planning maximizing the Transportation Element to build successful, long-term viable communities. Specializing in mobility, public safety, walkable cities, rural context improvements, interconnectivity, micro-mobility, recreational transportation and business district concepting. Strong relationships with FDOT & DEP departments enhance our successful outcomes.

Bike/Ped Corridor Planning, Sub-area connectivity, Facility Gap Analysis, Safe Routes to Schools, Context and Functional Classification Review, Safety Audits, Site Visits and Walk Audit, ADA Report Card, Electric and Share Mode Planning, Policy, procedure and design review and recommendation, Comprehensive Plan review and recommendation, Transportation Planning Project Management

Community Engagement

Dynamic community engagement with utilizing proven creative communication techniques and leveraging intergovernmental and public pathways. From small public road projects to regional initiatives and emergency communication, developing systematic approaches to communication that result in consensus supported by data to make defendable recommendations and public policy decisions. From social media to live You Tube forums, large public meetings to one-on-one workshops with elected officials.

Virtual Workshop Planning and Management, Public Charette and forums, Walk Shops, creative engagement, Social Media scheduling, Communication Procedure and PIP Planning, Public Engagement Development Planning, Public Engagement Tool Analysis, Recommendation, Implementation and Management, Task force development assistance, Public project branding, graphics and narrative

Strategic Planning for Short, Mid and Long-Term Capital Improvements

Aligning community plans, adopted vision strategies, and comprehensive plans to successfully navigate external funding by examining and identifying multi-objective projects that capitalize on existing budget and create competitive advantage in grants. This includes working towards multi- jurisdictional concurrency, identifying potential public/private needs and identifying available dollars. Additional capabilities include vision planning, updating existing plans and sub-area planning.

Strategic Vision Planning, Sub-Area Focused Vision Plans (Transportation and Recreation), Funding Identification, Funding Strategy Development, Public perception analysis, Grant technical narrative assistance, Grant sufficiency assurance, CIP and Budget Review, Project Management & Coordination

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